Leader in the rental market of special machinery in Azerbaijan

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About us

Our company has the widest range of special vehicles designed and suitable for execution of various kinds of operations. We can offer you truck cranes with lift capacity up to 300 tons, low-frame platforms of increased lift capacity for transportation of extra heavy and oversized cargo, concrete pumps, mixers, dump trucks, mobile elevating work platforms, front loaders, wheeled and track-laying excavators and excavator-loaders. It is hard to find any kind of operations our specialists wouldn’t handle. As practice shows it is reasonable to lease special vehicles only from professional companies so that to enjoy high quality of services, large variety of construction vehicles and equipment and affordable prices of lease.

In addition it should be noted that cooperation with a professional company means certainty about timely delivery of any required special vehicle in perfect state to the construction site or to the place of execution of certain operations. Why are special vehicle rental services so popular? Having leased any construction machinery you don’t need to worry about arrangement of a place for its storage or to expend money on its purchase and regular maintenance.

Today lease of the construction machinery is not only a high-demand but also preferable service for many companies willing to carry out the construction work quickly and in a quality manner but at affordable prices. Our special vehicles operate in Baku and suburb. We also can provide delivery of special vehicles to other regions of Azerbaijan.