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Today it is difficult to imagine implementation of any construction project without use of special vehicles. A customary attribute of the commencement of construction works is arrival of a bulldozer which is intended for clearance and arranging the construction site for the next operations. However, the range of use of bulldozers goes beyond such focused specialization. This kind of special vehicles is capable of carrying out a wide range of works: embankment, construction, trenching and backfilling of ditches, transport of bulk material for a short distance, clearance and leveling of areas, transport of debris and waste, snow bank removal, etc. And lease of a bulldozer will be much more expedient as it allows cost saving for its maintenance and repair. We render bulldozer rental services at an optimal price and for any period. The bulldozers offered by us are high-performance and reliable construction vehicles equipped with powerful, high-quality and low-consumption engines and spacious cabs fitted with up-to-date control systems, air conditioning and multi-function mould blades. They are designed for carrying out excavation and land planning works in the most tightly and unfavorable conditions.


Bulldozer Shantui 20 t-60 t Crawler 2
Bulldozer Komatsu 40 t-60 t Crawler 2
Bulldozer Pengpu 40 t Crawler 2