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Transport of oversize load by low roaders is a very complicated kind of transportation requiring special technically equipped transport, skilled drivers as well as other factors observance of which is required by the rules of transportation of oversize load. We have various low-frame platforms or low roaders intended for transportation of heavy oversize cargo. Cargo transportable by low-frame trals include: accommodation cabins, construction materials, timber, construction equipment, cars, etc. Various lengths and weight-carrying capacities make it possible to use low-frame platforms for various types of cargo.

Whatever the dimension of your cargo is, we’ll help you to transport it. Transportation of oversize cargo is carried out in accordance with all safety standards. Oversize cargo handling operations are performed by means of special vehicles.


Low-frame trailer DAF 25 t 4
Low-frame trailer Mercedes 50 t 2
Low-frame trailer Super Maz 40 t 3
Low-frame trailer MAN 30 t 5
Low-frame trailer Kamaz 25 t 5
Low-frame trailer BMC 40 t 1