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Construction of any facility starts with foundation excavation, so 25% falls on the share of excavation works. These kinds of works are required when carrying out repair work or laying service lines for the utility system, in excavations and other fields, and the basic kind of special vehicles used for such work is the construction excavator. For the companies not engaged in such operations on a permanent basis lease of an excavator is an optimal solution. We provide excavator rental services having available models of wheeled and track-laying vehicles. Wheeled excavators are used in operations with hard soils provided that there are access roads and may arrive to the place under its own power. Track-laying excavators are used for soft and deformable soils and are to be delivered to the place on special vehicles. By making a call to our company and our specialists will consult you and execute a contract in the shortest possible time.


Excavator Caterpillar 0,8 m³ Wheeled 2
Excavator Caterpillar 1m³-1,6 m³ Crawler 2
Excavator Hyundai 1 m³-1,3 m³ Crawler 2
Excavator Hyundai 1 m³-1,2 m³ Wheeled 2
Excavator Liugong 1,2 m³-1,6 m³ Crawler 2
Excavator Komatsu 1,2 m³-1,7 m³ Crawler 2