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Аренда автокрана

The mobile crane is one of the most important and essential units of special vehicles on any construction site. Through this machine it is easy to move heavy loads, to carry out handling of heavy objects from low-bed and drop-side trucks, to perform steel and tower cranes construction, etc. Meanwhile, taking into account that like any equipment truck cranes need in regular maintenance and keeping their operating condition services for truck crane lease become an optimal solution. All our mobile cranes passed a muster in accordance with the requirements of standard technical documents. The primary feature of truck cranes is their mobility. It is a key property so far as delay in arrival of a truck crane to the construction site leads to tangible financial loss. Today truck crane lease is a called-for service not only among construction companies. Crane operator arrives to a site for more precise selection of a truck crane and making recommendations on the arrangement of the construction site for optimization of works. All crane operators are certified and work with us on a permanent basis. Truck cranes may be stocked with a laced boom extension. Such truck serves for load lifting and materials handling. The truck crane’s operation consists of several cycles that include load engagement, operating cycle (materials handling) and idle running of the crane for return to the place where the load is engaged.


Crane Liebherr 300 t 60 m 56 m 1
Crane Tadano 220 t 60 m 50 m 1
Crane Grove 200 t 60 m 35 m 1
Crane Grove 180 t 60 m 38 m 1
Crane Liebherr 160 t 60 m 22 m 1
Crane Liebherr 120 t 45 m 24 m 1
Crane Grove 120 t 51 m 34 m 1
Crane Liebherr 100 t 52 m 19 m 2
Crane Tadano 100 t 51 m 18 m 1
Crane XCMG 80 t 60 m 24 m 1
Crane Grove 80 t 51 m 21 m 1
Crane Zoomlion 70 t 44 m 16 m 2
Crane XCMG 70 t 42 m 15 m 2
Crane Terex 60 t 40 m 15 m 1
Crane Liebherr 60 t 42 m 17 m 2
Crane Liebherr 50 t 40 m 16 m 2
Crane XCMG 50 t 40 m 15 m 2
Crane Zoomlion 50 t 42 m 16 m 2
Crane Terex 40 t 31 m 9 m 3
Crane XCMG 25 t 34 m 0 6